to Honoring and Caretaking the Land

Our Goals & Vision

Indigenous East's goal is to create a connected network of protected areas led, cared for, owned, and managed by Indigenous people. These areas cover the land east of the Mississippi River in the United States.

These places, called Indigenous Cultural Landscapes (ICLs), are very important to Indigenous communities. They're tied closely to their histories, traditions, and identity. For generations, Indigenous folks have passed down their wisdom, language, and cultural practices in these places.

Taking care of these landscapes isn't just about protecting the land itself. It's also about safeguarding the unique knowledge, stories, ceremonies, and art forms of Indigenous communities. That's why it's so important that Indigenous and Afro-Indigenous communities are at the forefront of managing and protecting these areas.

Indigenous East is dedicated to doing our work
in a way that is collaborative, inclusive, innovative,
and welcoming to all Native communities in the eastern region,
honoring their unique perspectives and connections to the land. 

Indigenous East partners come together to learn from the various cultural landscapes in our region. We share the most effective ways to protect the land and preserve our cultures through land conservation and cultural preservation efforts.

This means: